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Pain Point Identification

Akkado is one stop solution for all your marketing needs. Be it designing & managing loyalty programs, managing small/large events, offering creative and merchandising services, digital marketing to technology deployment, we do it all for our clients.


Technology and Digital

The allied support of a more than sufficiently resourced technology team enables Akkado to provide innovative solutions and execute them with perfection. The digital team provides the augmentations of social media and other digital platforms to enhance the quality of holistic services provided.


In-house Allied Support

The assistance of an in house merchandise, travel and hospitality team renders the expertise to source the quality and efficient vendors. In-house support from these verticals allows us to deliver services with excellence and value.


One Stop Solution

Akkado delivers the unique advantage of the inclusion of a plethora of marketing services as our core competency which enables us to utilize different methods in a way that reinforce each other. It is possible to render maximized results when all activities are coordinated and originate from a single source.


Leading Edge

Surpassing the age of simplistic mass communication, the contemporary world has brought the consumer back to the position of the primary driving force of information. The increase of heterogeneous markets raises the need for targeted and niche marketing. We at Akkado are always one step ahead, giving you what the trends demand.

Our Clients