Turning customers into advocates for Liquor Brand

Turning customers into advocates for Liquor Brand

Problem Statement

With advent of major competition in liquor industry, it became imperative for our client to have a strong brand presence in the market. They seeked ways to distinguish their brand as well as activating through right touch points with their potential customers.

Akkado’s Solution

To facilitate the growth on the brand image and engage its target audience, Akkado created ‘The Extraordinaire Club’. Privileged members of the club were offered a Club Card that enabled them to avail exciting discounts at various restaurants, pubs, gyms, spas and hospital chains across India. Constant engagement is the key for any brand to ensure that a patron stays loyal to your brand. Therefore, regular wine testing sessions and dinners were organised to make every patron feel exclusive. A point-earning mechanism was designed for members to garner points every time they made a transaction with the brand.


Our solutions helped in creating a large and regular clientele for the brand. These patrons now show support and interest in every product launched and awaits the new deals that they offer. The brand now enjoys a stronger emotional connect with its customers and have become their advocates by bringing other customers through word of mouth publicity.