Turning Agents into Brand Advocates for an Insurance Giant

Turning Agents into Brand Advocates for an Insurance Giant

Problem Statement

A prominent insurance company was facing hurdles with its brand engagement and agent loyalty. This could be seen from its steadily rising attrition rate and its inability to retain agents patronizing their brand. The company was in search of various means to motivate its agents to perform better and garner greater insights on the products they were selling. This would give the agents an edge in promoting their schemes in a dynamic and competitive environment.

Akkado’s Solution

The Program was launched with a grand event across 10 major cities within a month. Redemption events were executed. We conceptualized an end to end engagement solution for agents to learn, earn and redeem. The same was facilitated by providing smart technological assistance in the form of user friendly web and mobile applications, designed and managed in-house at Akkado. Interactive apps made the agents check their updated dashboards; learn about new products and schemes through interesting quiz and videos. Exhaustive line up of white and brown goods in the reward catalogue ascertained agent redemption their points online. This app also sends push notifications to the agents, notifying them on new updates.
The agents were kept hooked by managing an engaging activity calendar vide seasonal greetings and other SMS’s as part of program hygiene.


The Solutions provided by Akkado had an immediate impact on the company’s visibility. Agents became active and started monitoring their performance regularly and the dashboard usage surged from 12% to 58% in just four months. It becomes easier for teams to identify low performing assets and make the necessary changes to make them at par with the market trends. The dashboard aided in highlighting high performing individuals who were rewarded based on the points earned. The user-friendly and interactive interface of the App was a useful tool in guiding agents during trainings and assisting them in program related information, accessible as per their convenience.