Akkado Events Activation & Exhibition


We create inspiring, creative, unique events for businesses of all sizes. From customer events to internal communications to product launches, our experience within the industry has helped us to create memorable brand experiences that your audience will truly remember.

Working together with our clients is key to our success. Getting to know each other and the personal touch our experienced project team bring to each event is what helps us make a difference.

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Corporate Event Management


Connecting your brand with the people that count most is fundamental to the success of your marketing. With the power of social media, your message can quickly be amplified to the right audience.

Creating experiences that people love and want to share is what we do best. We understand how to connect with your audience, stirring positive emotional feelings with your brand and creating influence long after the activation itself.


Exhibitions are a vital part of any live communication strategy and a well-designed stand is a must to be successful. We look at the bigger picture when working on exhibitions, understanding your brand and channelling this into a design that will set you apart from the competition. It’s this meticulous planning that enables us to build you a creative and inspirational stand that will draw in your audience and deliver exceptional results.

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At Akkado, we have our own in-house concept and strategy team, creative studios, and production management team, who seamlessly work together to reach the desired results.

Akkado Loyalty & CRM

As an integrated marketing agency, Akkado has a specialized department that caters to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Loyalty, which combines strategy with end-to-end service delivery. We use data to gain unique insights into customer behaviour, which results in compelling loyalty propositions and effective engagement programs.


Loyalty Programs Management

Employee Program

  • Sales Incentives
  • Employee Engagement Programs
  • Skill Development Programs

Channel Program

Channel Program

  • Channel Engagement Programs
  • Retail Audit Led Programs
  • Influencers’ Programs

Customer Relationship Management Programs

Customer Program

  • Multi-Partner Coalition Programs
  • Frequent Shoppers Programs
  • Customer Community Programs


Long-Term Connect

Long-Term Connect

  • Building a robust communication channel.
  • Celebrating Redemptions like Festivals.
  • Transparent and Responsive Feedback Mechanism.

Ensure Objectivity

Ensure Objectivity

  • Having SMART milestones for the participants.
  • Data Analysis Representing Program Health on Monthly Basis.
  • Identifying top performers and rewarding them.

Emotional Connect

Emotional Connect

  • Family Engagements.
  • Handpicked Rewards suiting TG interests.
  • Creating Aspirational Value for participants in terms of Interventions or rewards etc.



  • Making the Participants addicted to Program App or Microsite.
  • Scorecards to ensure maximum participation.
  • Leaderboards for bigger recognition.

Akkado Merchandise

Adding an element of resilient tangibility to consumer relationships, Merchandising is the arm that helps us render white glove services with the designing, branding and procuring of merchandise that helps clients establish a powerful association with their consumers, employees, etc.

AKKADO’s merchandising vertical has been a part of the system since 1985 with over 30 years of experience serving the industries successfully. We value the two most important aspects of this business which are timelines and quality and make sure with an impact by providing our services. The nature of this vertical is influenced by the most important elements:

  • International sourcing office in Guangzhou (China)
  • Pan-India Logistic Network and Support
  • Extensive product customization Support
  • Cost effective Sampling and Prototyping
  • Warehousing Support and Stock Management
  • Packaging Solutions
  • In-House Creatives and Content Support
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Our Process

Product Sourcing

Procuring high quality products and raw material through our multiple resources specializing both in branded and non-branded goods.

Branding & Printing

We specialize in getting the best output in customized branding and printing of goods. With our expertise, we enhance the branding of our clients to the maximum level.

Quality Check

We have internal quality control team to ensure high and agreed levels of quality products before dispatch. This results in getting the products delivered to our clients as per their satisfaction.

As part of the smooth functioning of the process, we have an in-house technology team, call center, logistics management, and warehouse facility.

 In House Technology Team


In the presence of our Internal Tech Team, We are able to deliver products with efficient and effective processes, which reduce our client’s effort and help them engage in more valuable things. We had built our own technology platforms leading to a much more efficient & organized working style. We strive on the idea of bringing automation in our day to day operations for a better and smarter way of working.




A call center is one of the most valuable essences of this organization as they provide a platform to the customers where they can find a solution to their problems hence create a stronger customer base.

It enhances the customer experience and makes them feel a part of a transparent system. We believe that having a call center support makes an organization’s standard much higher.

At AKKADO, we are having a team structure that takes care of their respective tasks allotted by their supervisor.

  •  In Bound Calls In Bound Calls
  • E-Mailing e-Mailing
  • Attending to Grievances Attending to Grievances
  • Out Bound Calls Out Bound Calls
  • MIS Creation MIS Creation
  •  Delivery Mapping Delivery Mapping



We are proud to be associated with the leaders in the Logistics division present in India serving more than 15000 Pin Codes and delivering Door to Door services in the remotest areas of our country. To ensure delivery we are using air, surface and even cargo to ensure timely delivery in minimal time.


  • bluedart
  • dtdc
  • tci
  • gati




Our warehouse is located centrally & stretched in a wide area of more than 10,000 Square Feet. It is a multi-story warehouse equipped with the latest tools and technology required for running the day to day operations smoothly and effectively.

Our team follows processes which ensure faster execution, damage control, pilferage etc.

We are also equipped with the safety and fire measures to avoid any hazard.

  • Stock Inward-Outward Stock Inward/Outward
  • Unique Item Coding Unique Item Coding
  • CCTV Surveillance CCTV Surveillance
  • Quality Check Quality Check
  • Monthly Physical Stock Take Monthly Physical Stock Take
  • Pilferage Surprise Audits Pilferage Surprise Audits
  • Quarterly Physical & System Audits Quarterly Physical & System Audits

Akkado Added Advantages

Akkado Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions

Our understanding and articulation of the brand strategy allow us to provide our clients with creative solutions, which not only enhance their brand image but also acts as a connective tissue between the brand & the consumer.

Akkado Logistics


PAN – INDIA logistics and delivery support system. We are proud to be associated with the leaders in the Logistics division present in India serving more than 15000 Pin Codes and delivering Door to Door services in the remotest areas of our country. Our partners have associate offices widely spread across India, which assure 100% delivery at non-serviceable locations

Akkado In-House Tech Team

In-House Tech Team

Technological expertise for managing inventories and delivery tracking portals. Creating customized mobile apps, Web apps, and CRM software. In-house based SMS platform, which has the capacity to trigger SMS’s in bulk volumes in the least time possible.

Akkado Call-Center


Fully developed inbound & outbound customer care center, which enhances the customer experience and make them feel a part of a transparent system.

Akkado Warehouse


A multi-storey warehouse equipped with the latest tools and technology required for running the day to day operations smoothly and effectively.  Facility spread across over 10,000 sq. ft. that caters to all our clients with effective resources.

Akkado Analytics


Data analytics is an essential part for any company. Experts say that if data is critical to a company’s success that it must be kept in-house. Our very own data analytics provide inputs on tactical interventions to achieve the desired results.

Akkado Technology Solutions

With technology playing an important role in marketing, Akkado as an integrated marketing agency has its own in-house technology team. Our competence in technology, business processes, and domain knowledge gives us the differentiating edge and this clearly manifests in the successful accomplishment of our clients’ objectives.

Akkado team has vast experience in offering comprehensive product development and service delivery pertaining to various domains and platforms. Akkado team is capable to maintain the server infrastructure on cloud and dedicated servers.

Our development is market driven and customer driven.


PHP Open Source CMS solutions

At Akkado, we execute this coveted task with finesse through our open source website design and development services, while with capabilities to take these open source solutions to the required degree of customization to meet your needs.

.NET solutions

Microsoft Dot Net is a powerful and scalable platform which consist of several technologies and allow us to build web-based distributed systems, individual software, and tools.

JAVA (J2EE) Solutions

Java is an object-oriented & platform independent language that is widely used for web and enterprise applications. Java is opted for Internet solutions because of its cross-platform capabilities, ease of usage and security features and robustness.

ANDROID Application Solutions

Akkado leverages the capabilities of the latest Android tools to develop feature-rich and interactive apps for Mobile and Tabs using API gateways and integration with multi payment gateways.

IOS Application Solutions

At Akkado, we transform concepts/ideas into business opportunities with our cutting-edge iPhone application using API gateways and integration with multi payment gateways.

LAMP Solutions

Akkado team (PHP and Python team) has extensive experience of working on developing a complex custom application for various companies across different industry verticals. We leverage the time and cost saving advantages of open source technologies to deliver full-featured, scalable and inexpensive web solutions.

BLOCKCHAIN Application Solutions

Akkado has the technical expertise to design the architecture and build the solutions on Blockchain technology that provides robustness to a system and their users. This helps the organizations to identify their business processes, which they can decentralize, and build solutions where data & procedure security are a top priority.

Product Engineering

Product engineering at Akkado starts with conceptualizing the idea with innovative designs and developing them. We also test the final product before delivering it to our clients, ensuring we deliver the best services.


We build identities and experiences to elevate and empower organizations with our alien computing technology.

  • Website Designs & Development Website Designs & Development
  • Mobile Application Development Mobile Application
  •  Block Chain Application Development BlockChain Application Development
  • Quality Assurance Quality Assurance

Akkado Moving Pictures

To enhance the consumer-brand relationship and experience, we at Akkado offer our clients with a complete integration of creative audiovisual, audio, and media related solutions. It is our prerogative to capture each experience and to create an impact on our audience, giving that extra mileage to a marketing campaign or event.

We have our own in-house production experts, from scripting to production, who are constantly coming up with new content at our own studio. Our expertise are film production, animation, music production, radio jingles, and interactive content.

We solve all specific needs that may arise within any audiovisual production, the fastest and most effective way to always achieve the best result as a provider of audiovisual services, defining and executing the precise actions to achieve the set target. Immerse your audience with a dynamic and impactful experience.

  • Cameras
  • Akkado Moving Pictures
  • On Air Radio
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Web
  • Mobile Phone