Interactive games are the way forward for refined marketing campaigns

Games have been seamlessly integrated into various marketing campaigns and programs by brands to keep their respective TG engaged. Be it high-tech virtual gaming experience at events or your simple “answer to win rewards” campaign, games have proved to be an effective ploy to harp on consumer interest.

We are in a phase where technology is playing a key role in the USP of any marketing campaign. Hence, games offer an interactive mode for companies to tell brand stories with better outreach.

Games incorporated on virtual platforms such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc. establish an instant connect and generates curiosity among the audience to test the brand services.

A brand is able to curate the necessary story to indulge the audience with technology, it paves way for the exciting channel for a brand to keep its audience entertained with exciting content.

The microseconds of Consumer attention is not much for a brand to market its product or services. This is the reason that we see many brands use pop culture references to increase the connection with the audience.

Also, when the first reaction of online users is to stop the online ads and block pop up ads, gaming experience goes beyond the traditional rules to deliver an interesting mode of a marketing campaign.

Merchandising is more than an icing on a cake for the event industry

Merchandising, over the years, has become one of the essential engagement tactics in the event industry to make sure that the audience is able to relate to the event activities. Be it in the form of giveaway to the customized jerseys for the corporate events, it places the event theme properly in the psyche of the audience.

Though underrated, when you integrate and create merchandise that is in sync with a theme, it yields a concrete ROI.

How does it help to engage the audience?

Let us say, you have got a corporate event to execute and you have charted out the entire event flow by integrating technology, entertainment, music, and so on. You are pretty sure that once the audience gets at the venue, the event flow will take care of engagement. But, what happens once the event is over?

Merchandising is the personal souvenir for the event audience, which tends to be the reminder of the gala time they had at the event. Something as simple as a personalized t-shirt goes a long way to establish a one-to-one connection with the audience. You can even play around to come up with exciting merchandising options to engage the audience with and come with merchandise that they can use in their daily lives.

It is of no wonder that today one can see plenty of exciting merchandise being displayed at the events. Be it a music festival, corporate R&R, brand activation, etc., merchandising also builds the brand connect with the audience.

Merchandising tips for the event audience

For any event, the theme or the event objective plays a major role in deciding the merchandise to be doled out as giveaways or as a thematic appropriation to complete the whole event flow.

Merchandise shouldn’t be treated as cheap giveaways. You have to take into consideration the audience behaviour likes and most important being the theme that you choose for the event. Moreover, once you choose the right merchandise, the audience will be able to connect with the event objective and then you can indulge one and all in the event activities.

Boost Customer retention with a Loyalty program to drive profitable revenues

According to a survey conducted by AnnexCloud, “Existing customers contribute to 65% of a company’s business.”

This very statistic should be enough for businesses to understand the importance of Customer retention in order to generate profitable revenue. A loyalty program is one such initiative that has proved to be quite effective to generate a loyal following of consumers for a Brand.

Needless to say, from top corporates to SME’s, a loyalty program has become a must for any business organization looking to stay relevant in the psyche of their consumers.

Today, consumers expect a more personalized experience that goes way beyond than just offering freebies. A loyalty program covers all the tangential services associated with a product or service, and with the assistance of technology, a loyalty program becomes an ideal mediator between the brand and its consumers.

A mobile app, for example, keeps the audience engaged with a brand and can be used to keep the consumers in the loop with different services a brand has to offer. The features of Loyalty programs have significantly grown in the last few years. Engagement has become prominent in the scheme of things as consumers are always on a lookout for information pertaining to a product or services. A loyalty program caters to the overall expectation of consumers which go beyond just the product or service you have to offer.

Akkado has tied up with several top-notch brands as their Channel Partner Marketing organization. We create a personalized experience for the respective audience in the form of Loyalty programs which has fuelled Customer retention for many brands across the country.

Integrated Marketing Solution Agencies in today’s world.

In the recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of varied marketing platforms. From traditional billboards to WhatsApp, from TVC to Twitter/Facebook videos; there are so many different kinds of approach that it can get confusing. The solution – an integrated marketing plan.

Customarily, brands will approach different agencies, to plan separate campaigns for their communication. This method is not only chaotic but also does not give expected result, and often turns out to be a major setback.

With integrated communication, the brand can use the same tools that are found under the management of one agency. It is a process designed to ensure that the communication is translated effectively across all channels, and seamlessly delivered to the market.

An integrated marketing solution agency, provides unified marketing tools and platforms for the brands, to utilize their communication effectively. Powered by a holistic approach, these agencies are more than just platforms for the brand to fuel their communications, but are partners that design, promote and provide effective solutions. These agencies have a distinct set of skills that when combined together, produce better and efficient results. Due to its talent and production model, an integrated marketing agency focuses on solution versus service delivery.

As marketing evolves, more agencies will have to become truly integrated to survive or they will need to narrow in their service offerings all together. It’s important for a client to understand the difference in order to choose a long-term agency partner that will help them succeed year over year.

Through the years, the house of Akkado has emerged as an integrated marketing agency. It has evolved from being just a merchandising and loyalty expert to a full-fledged integrated marketing solution agency, offering various marketing platforms and solutions, ranging from traditional to digital. We at Akkado, are equipped with the skills and tools and are powered by experienced specialists of the industry. We offer you a pool of talent and a range of marketing platforms that will boost your image and give you the desired result for your marketing plans.

Loyalty Program for Brands

For decades brands have operated on the basis of the traditional purchase funnel – Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action and Purchase. All we had to do was to use a variety of marketing tactics to drive those potential customers down the sales funnel into the final action of a purchase. Post purchase, we were basically off the hook.

But today, the consumer is a continuously connected person. The sales funnel has been turned on its head when the consumer makes their voice (post-purchase) more important and influential than ever.

More specifically, the pervasive nature of smartphone usage and the customer’s adaptation to voicing their opinion on social platforms, using their mobile device is the crux of the new consumer behaviour.

Post purchase, we now need to have a keen eye on our customers’ usage, continued usage, and user experience with our products because what they say about our product or service matters. They have the power to voice their opinion, they want to voice their opinion, and they have the power to influence their friends, family, colleagues, followers, and connections en masse.

Of course, it is no surprise that research shows that today’s consumer trusts recommendations from their friends in huge proportion over the brands themselves. Makes perfect sense. So, that puts more pressure on the new marketing funnel where a customer MUST not only buy our product but use it, love it and advocate for us.

In simpler terms the inverse funnel is: Buy, Use, Love and Endorse