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  1. To create an environment of inclusive growth
    for passionate people to build a globally
    recognized brand for meeting client's


  1. To develop and execute revolutionary business – building ideas that help our clients to grow.

    Chairman's Desk

  1. Vision for Tomorrow

    With evolution being inevitable, it is necessary to have a mission for now and vision for tomorrow. The trend that is in front of us is what I call the age of the customer. Having worked with numerous genres of brands I have come to a consensus that every brand ideology resonates to the mind-set of the target audience (customers). So whenever we ideate the holistic approach to the campaign, we keep the brand ideology and customers in the forefront.

    Since we are an integrated marketing agency, our expertise is widespread in various sectors. Technology plays a major role in constructing the plan for our clients. I believe personalization is the next big thing. I believe technology connects brands with the consumers in a much more intrinsic way, personalizing the entire experience. It helps in creating that impact that leaves a mark of excellence in their minds.

    Here at Akkado, we learn every day. A perfect blend of curious minds and experience fuses to create thought-provoking experiences. We strive for excellence and believe in taking it up a notch every day.

    Abhishek Sharma, Chairman Akkado

Strategically obsessed,creatively inspired,audaciously ambitious,consumer centric,Integrated Marketing Agency.
What we do?

Brands with
Powerful Ideas

Akkado is a dynamic integrated marketing agency that works coherently towards one goal, which is to deliver innovative and cohesive ideas and concepts to some of the most progressive clients across the globe.

How we do it?

come first

We Compel New Audiences to Love you
We specialize in the development of effective and innovative marketing strategies that change the direction of brands, by finding new consumers. We aim to lead with strategy and develop ideas that think 'Consumer First'. We will find that one special thing your brand can be known for, and then find new interactive and creative solutions of bringing that to life over and over again.