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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in Akkado operates as perhaps, one of the most pervasive platforms; holding the ability to penetrate a large customer base with easy access to information anytime and anywhere.

Our expertise lies at the manipulation of these universal digital spaces to facilitate productive engagement and interaction with the market. We help our clients build a strong digital presence that promises to forge a profound relationship with their consumers. We create the difference between a consumer that consumes your product and the one that advocates for it.

Akkado’s digital marketing wing also works in close alliance to other services delivered by the organisation. The use of digital amplification and content marketing is inescapable for the rendition of a holistic engagement experience, whether it is through events or loyalty. The existence of an in house digital marketing expertise places our marketing undertakings in tandem with our digital activities, expanding their reach and effectiveness.


Airtel Achievers’ Club

Problem Statement

The Achievers’ Club is a prestigious annual honour awarded to exceptional performers in Airtel Airtel’s required Akkado to revive this annual event by giving it significant amplifications.

Akkado’s Solution

A mix of various digital channels was used to reach out to Airtel achievers across the Indian Subcontinent. We produced various digital copies to deliver the exact purpose of the message and to generate the intended response from the target audience. We also conducted online response management and provided real time personalised online real time solutions to the concerns of the achievers.

The event was amplified with the use of photo booths and social RFID bands. These bands were used to generate automatic uploads of the photos clicked by the participants through the photo kiosks. These photos were uploaded to the Facebook page of the event. Other amplifications included branding and Audio Visual creation.


Akkado created history in the records of Airtel with the makeover given to the Airtel Achievers’ Club endeavour. The social media interaction was taken with great vigour by the participants as was the inclusion of breakfast AVs depicting the past day.

The RFID bands added mystique to the event making the task of sustaining attendee interest more convenient. The photo uploads via RFID made the page a digital memoir with an easy point of access.

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