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About Us

Growing consumer sophistication has made many of the mainstream marketing techniques relatively less luring. Growing technology has enabled consumers to bypass and screen out mass marketing techniques, therefore bringing the need for marketing with the ability to penetrate this barrier dire. Akkado indulges in exactly this area communicating with the target audience in a way that renders them more receptive towards our clients.

We understand the dynamic nature of marketing variables and have modeled our business in a way that has the ability to convert this challenge into a boon. A change in the events marketing strategy or execution more often than not demands a change in exhibitions, digital marketing and other forms of strategies. This phenomenon thus, makes the need for integrated marketing crucial which is at the heart of Akkado’s operations.

Akkado, connecting the dots is exactly what we promise you, it is the result of effective integration that results in a beneficial market phenomenon rendering consumer activity in tandem with your need.


Our ambition is to create multidimensional brands with the perfect blend of an array of marketing services.