Merchandising is more than an icing on a cake for the event industry

Merchandising, over the years, has become one of the essential engagement tactics in the event industry to make sure that the audience is able to relate to the event activities. Be it in the form of giveaway to the customized jerseys for the corporate events, it places the event theme properly in the psyche of the audience.

Though underrated, when you integrate and create merchandise that is in sync with a theme, it yields a concrete ROI.

How does it help to engage the audience?

Let us say, you have got a corporate event to execute and you have charted out the entire event flow by integrating technology, entertainment, music, and so on. You are pretty sure that once the audience gets at the venue, the event flow will take care of engagement. But, what happens once the event is over?

Merchandising is the personal souvenir for the event audience, which tends to be the reminder of the gala time they had at the event. Something as simple as a personalized t-shirt goes a long way to establish a one-to-one connection with the audience. You can even play around to come up with exciting merchandising options to engage the audience with and come with merchandise that they can use in their daily lives.

It is of no wonder that today one can see plenty of exciting merchandise being displayed at the events. Be it a music festival, corporate R&R, brand activation, etc., merchandising also builds the brand connect with the audience.

Merchandising tips for the event audience

For any event, the theme or the event objective plays a major role in deciding the merchandise to be doled out as giveaways or as a thematic appropriation to complete the whole event flow.

Merchandise shouldn’t be treated as cheap giveaways. You have to take into consideration the audience behaviour likes and most important being the theme that you choose for the event. Moreover, once you choose the right merchandise, the audience will be able to connect with the event objective and then you can indulge one and all in the event activities.